Advantages of a Professional Services Agreement with Baud Builders, Inc.

Team Established

At the start of the design phase we establish a team with Baud Builders, architect/designer, engineer and you the homeowner!  This allows for a central point of communication with the homeowner throughout this phase.  As ideas are generated all team members make decisions with a cooperative approach, allowing for greater efficiency.  This fosters an enjoyable and mutually beneficial way of doing business for everyone. Trust and respect is established among all members long before the dust starts flying. 

Costs Control

Trust is the key consideration here, and can become an owner’s most valued benefit.  Provided that the homeowner provides a realistic budget to Baud Builders and the architect/designer, the team takes on the responsibility of protecting the budget as design occurs.  When the team works together as plans are being developed, Baud Builders can provide material estimates, identify challenges, offer construction related solutions and consult with trade contractors for options.  By combining our expertise we can help ensure that what’s being drawn can be built without sacrificing design quality and staying within budget. Homeowners can exercise their desired degree of control over design, with the added advantage of knowing the cost implications of each decision as they happen. 

Baud Builders will assist the architect/designer with developing the building specifications as the plans are being drawn. This early input reduces the time needed to produce a preliminary and final budget for the project.  It also helps create a time line for the project which can be developed into the full schedule.  Working together in the pre-construction process alleviates surprises and reduces the number of changes that often happen in the final design phase or during construction.

Quality Control

Quality of the design and construction of the project can happen by default if the design and build team is working together to meet performance requirements.  The lines of communications are simplified and chances for misunderstandings are reduced.  The expertise of each party is melded to produce a greater value and better product for the homeowner.

Quick Delivery time

All of the above allow for a more efficient process.  Overall time to design and build the project is substantially reduced because design and construction activities overlap.  Baud Builders can procure critical materials, schedule labor and trade contractors for greater efficiency and complete the job on schedule.